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Laying Fallow, Letting Grow

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I’ve tried to do a blog before. It was 4 years ago, and it failed. I’m not sure if it was the fact that it was a blog, co-written by myself and my boyfriend; or if we were just full of the wonderful naivete that convinced us that we knew it all. It was probably a bit of both, but regardless The Lighthouse went the way of its inspiration: down in flames.


But I’m getting read to try again. I’m older, hopefully wiser, and ready to try this new project while letting go of an old one. As a Pagan, we really emphasize the letting go and letting grow, particularly now at Samhain. I think that this new blog project is ready to grow.


I always wanted to write a book. This book would be for teens and their parents to help teens who had converted to Paganism talk to their parents. When the idea came to me, I was still having trouble communicating with my family. But at the same time, I didn’t have the skills and resources to communicate well with them. So I waited, I wrote rough drafts of sections, but I couldn’t get it work the way that I wanted to. Until a mentor brought up the idea that I am a child of the internet generation, maybe I should try putting it out on a blog instead of in a book. So, here I am, and think this project is ready.


I’m still young enough to remember the problems I had with my parents, and I’m also old enough to have gone through enough arguments with them to know what does and doesn’t work (at least for us). Plus, I’m getting handfasted at Summer Solstice. Getting the ceremony how my fiancé and I want it, while keeping communication open and fluid between our families. It’s lovely, murky swamp of miscommunication.


So this means my post will include not only my thoughts and experiences as a Pagan, but also my attempts to communicate with my family, my fiancés family, and it seems like everyone else. Oh my. At least I still have my fantastic pit bull.


It is my hope that my experiences help others, and act as a resource for those who want to get it.

Author: paganandthepitbull

Daughter of Hecate, dog lover, would be author, Pagan in South Korea

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