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Puppy Etiquette

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I’m going to be late to the holiday/libation post again. This will probably become a trend. Such is life. It’s also snowing outside, so I’m going to dream about festivals. The summer festivals are coming up (ish), and right now the idea of sun bathing at Lughnasadh sounds positively fantastic. And a ton of people want to take their canine loves with them to festivals. I get it, I really do. I love taking Roxy to festivals, but those are ritual centered spaces and we as pet owners need to be considerate. pit bull

Not all dogs are suited for the festival life. It’s a high stimuli environment, and a dog that is totally mellow at home might not be there. I’ll use my dogs as an example: Roxy is pretty relaxed at festivals. She likes to be near humans, and will happily lie at my feet. She gets a bit antsy if we leave her by herself for ritual, but if we kennel her near other dogs she’s ok. She doesn’t bite, she doesn’t bark, and she loves going to the mountains. The Butt on the other hand, is none of these things. He barks when anyone passes by the camp; and whines when we leave him at camp for ritual. He doesn’t bite, but the environment is too much for him to be comfortable in. So we only take him to Lughnasadh, where there are very few people or dogs to upset him.

The point is, be aware of your dogs and their personalities. If they are inclined to bark, or bite leave them at home where they will be happier. Keep them on a leash at all times, and make sure that there is something with your name and cell number on it in case they escape the leash. If your dog is a little hesitant meeting strangers put a yellow ribbon on his collar so people know to approach with care. And for the love of the gods, remember to bring baggies for their poop.

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Daughter of Hecate, dog lover, would be author, Pagan in South Korea

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