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XI: Prisoner gets Justice for the tarot

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So, today we got a win for religious freedom in the Americas. Serial killer Paul Steven Haigh had 4 tarot cards returned to him. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled the prisoners have the right to practice their religion without unreasonable incursion from the government or guards (obviously, athames and swords are still verboten). Haigh uses the the cards as a meditative doorway and a spiritual tool; like many other Pagans.

I’ve done tarot meditations, and I think the interweaving circles and themes are quite soothing and philosophical. I’m glad that this man is getting some comfort from them. When the guards took 4 cards out of the deck because they showed breasts, it rendered the deck useless as a meditative tool: all the arcana move from one card to the next like stepping stones, take one out and you can’t make the next leap.

I don’t jive with the artwork on the Deviant Moon deck (the deck in question), I personally prefer the Herbal Tarot. But it’s far from pornographic or obscene, which were the reasons given for the card confiscation. I think I’m rather like US Supreme Court Justice Stewart, I know obscenity when I see it. And to a degree this reads like a petty confiscation to me.

I’m glad that the Canadian Supreme Court ruled on the right side of this. Religious freedom is a positive for all of us.

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