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Hymn for Labor Day

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This is a hymn for Labor Day, for the workers and the gods who bless them. For gods who go by a thousand thousand names, and the workers who do a thousand thousand jobs. This is a hymn for the people.

This is a hymn for Aphrodite: Aphrodite Chrysea of the beauticians, beauty bloggers, and cosmeticians. Aphrodite Eustephanus of the fashion industry. Aphrodite Limenia guarding the harbors and bays. Aphrodite Philommedes guarding the sex educators and sex workers. Aphrodite Xenia an ocean goddess in a foreign land, the salt blood in foreign workers hoping for a better life. I see you and raise an offering.

This is a hymn for Apollo: Apollo Acestor and Apollo Paian of the doctors, nurses, EMTs, and healthcare workers. Apollo Agyieus of the dedicated workers who protect their homes and neighborhoods without violence. Apollo Delphinius and Apollo Loxias of the journalists recording human malcontent every day and the Cassandras who try to warn us in time. Apollo Epicurious and Apollo Loimios of the CDC and WHO workers protecting us from disease. Apollo Noumious of the dairy farmers. Apollo Paruopios of the exterminators and pest control. Apollo Phuzios of the undocumented workers hiding from searching eyes. I see you and raise an offering.

This is a hymn for Artemis: Artemis Acraea and Artemis Karuatis of the scientists, engineers, conservationists, and activists fighting to keep the wild places wild and free. Artemis Agrotera who hunted for her mother, and guides those who hunt for their families. Artemis Knagia who dreams of better, and of the DREAMers who dream for more. Artemis Genetyullis of laboring new mothers and the midwives and doctors who labor with them. Artemis Heurippa of the horses, guiding mounted search and rescue through the wild. I see you and raise an offering.

This is a hymn for Athene: Athene Aethuia of the shipbuilders and navigators. Athene Alea, giver of sanctuary, and her lawyers and nonprofit workers aiding those who seek asylum. Athene Ergane of the artists who don’t stop a day, of the factory laborers making dimes to the dollar, of the threads and looms that never stop. Athene Mechaneus of the inventors and engineers and scientists. Athene Polias protecting the cities, and all those working towards a world where Black Lives Matter. Athena Xenia of hospitality and hospitality workers. I see you and raise an offering.

This is a hymn for Demeter: Demeter Chloe walking the green growing fields of the large-scale farms, and Demeter Epogmia digging the furrows for waffle farming for the small-scale farmers in the desert. Demeter Eunostos of the food production, grinding flour on the factory floors. Demeter Plutodotira of the regulators, making sure to each goes fair weight and measure. Demeter Sito of the aid workers bringing food to where Hunger’s skeleton fingers scrabble and grasp. I see you and raise an offering.

This is a hymn for Dionysus: Dionysus Acratophorus, Dionysus Lenaeus, and Dionysus Omphacites, patrons of all involved in making wine and beer from the workers in the fields to the brewmasters and vintners, to the bartenders and wait staff. Dionyus Dendrites of the forresters and forrest restorationists. Dionysus Melpomenos of the singers and actors. I see you and raise an offering.

This is a hymn for Hephaestus: Hephaestus Clyrometis of the skilled artisans and craftspeople. Hephaestus Cyllopdium and Hephaestus Amphigyeis specific patrons of equal accessibility for all who work, and of those who work regardless of accessibility impediments thrown their way. I see you and raise an offering.

This is a hymn for Hermes: Hermes Ktesios of the security guards. Hermes Agoraeus of the customer service and retail workers. Hermes Hermeneutes of the interpreters. Hermes Dolius of the law clerks, paralegals, lawyers, and judges. Hermes Diactorus of intelligence workers. I see you and raise an offering.

This is a hymn for Poseidon: Poseidon Pelagaeus of the sea and sailors. This is a hymn for Hades: Hades Ploutos of the wealth from the deep, and of the miners and rig workers who pull it forth. This is a hymn for Hecate: Hecate Kourotrophos of the child care workers. I see you and raise an offering.

This a hymn for Hestia, who receives the first and the last: This is a hymn for the cooks and bakers and the baristas, working at the hearth. This is a hymn for the unseen workers, for the unpaid workers, for the unrecognized workers. I see you and raise an offering.

Author: paganandthepitbull

Daughter of Hecate, dog lover, would be author, Pagan in South Korea

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