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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!



There is a record number of Indigenous political candidates this year. Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day by researching the candidates, and then voting for Indigenous women in the midterms!

Personally, the Pagan and the Pitbulls plan to vote for Deb Haaland. But if you don’t live in Deb’s district, please also check out Peggy Flanagan, Paulette Jordan, and Sharice Davids.

Author: paganandthepitbull

Daughter of Hecate, dog lover, would be author, Pagan in South Korea

3 thoughts on “Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

  1. psst***

    even indigenous people came from somewhere… somewhere else.


    • While it’s true that humans like to move and migrate, I think you’re rather missing the point. It’s rude, dishonorable, and disrespectful to celebrate a man whose arrival heralded a time of intense suffering and cruelty for the Indigenous people of the Americas. It’s better to take this day to solemnly remember the victims of the genocides, and to offer support to the survivors.


  2. I was once ignorant – when my education was controlled by this nation’s school system (the winners) and I sadly submit that I have celebrated in error in the past… but I haven’t done that in many years now.

    I am sad about this C. Columbus/Indigenous People Day celebration. ***(It is my understanding that Seminole blood runs in my family, but my family history isn’t one of my strong points.)***

    Still… rhe more I know, the less I like.

    I apologize if my comment appears to show that I “missed the point”, that wasn’t my intention at all…
    My crime is that I have become indifferent in this matter. 😦


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