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(Trump and Co.) do not go quietly into the good night

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I refused to post this on the day that I congratulated the Democratic winners, because I don’t want to dance to Trumps tune and draw attention away from them. Which the news of Jeff Sessions resignation? firing? inevitable ending? did.

I’m not the biggest fan of Sessions. I think he is Satan’s personal Keebler elf. I hesitate to call anyone the Anti-Christ, but anyone who uses the Bible to justify human rights violations and child separation policies is definitely in the running.

Representative Waters was right when she called him a dangerous racist.

He ended the program that investigated police brutality.  He created the title “Black Identify Extremists” while failing to look at the plethora of white supremacist terrorists. He tried to revive the war on drugs, which disproportionally impacted people of color. Sessions oversaw the creation of a religious freedom task force (any guesses which religions freedom it was interested in?). He worked to erode LGBTQ rights. 

Jeff Sessions was (and is) a walking, talking, racist, bigoted, sexist skid mark on the fabric of America. The only thing that makes him different from the other skid marks is he had the moment of ethical clarity to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. His replacement likely won’t have such clarity.

Matthew Whittaker really should recuse himself as well. His CNN op-ed makes it very clear where he falls on the Mueller investigation–it’s gone on too long and gone too far. It hasn’t. Jared Kushner still hasn’t be indicted. The troika of tyranny isn’t in South or Central America. It’s here, and it continues apace.

We all knew that Trump was going to pull out some nonsense after a Democratic sweep. We all had some guesses what it would be. This forced resignation is his attempt to change the script, and an attempt to check the ability of the House to issue subpoenas.

Right now we need to keep our eyes on the prize: getting to the bottom of the corruption and Russia’s cancerous interference. Then we need to treat that cancer the only way we can: cut, burn, poison. Kill it at the root. Part of that prize is making sure that we have a full uninhibited investigation into the Trumps, and protecting the votes in 2020. After all it won’t matter if we have a strong liberal candidate if the vote numbers change.

Adjust to the impact of this change, adapt your plans, and keep on fighting the good fight.

Author: paganandthepitbull

Daughter of Hecate, dog lover, would be author, Pagan in South Korea

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