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A tale of two Representatives

I am exceptionally pleased with how my home state voted (so much blue it makes my heart hurt, and diversity down the ticket). But I thought I would share a bit about two other Representatives I have thoughts about.

First the exciting one, Representative Sinema from Arizona. Representative Sinema admitted to dancing with Pagans at an event in Miami. And while conservatives tried to smear her with this and tar her with the witchcraft brush, to my knowledge she never came out of the broom closet (assuming she was in one to begin with). This is probably the closest Pagans have ever been to having a Representative who is openly close to the community. I have no doubt her perspective is much needed in the halls of Congress and she bears watching. I have high hopes for her, I don’t want her to let us down.

The other Representative worth watching is Ocasio Cortez. Although not because I think she’s particularly revolutionary or groundbreaking. She’s Bernie Sanders most successful protoge. I’m concerned about how she will play as his counterpart. As uncomfortable a truth this is, Sanders was another Russian asset. The mid-left Russian asset. How far does his mentorship go? I sincerely hope not to the Kremlin. But if it did, I can’t say I would be surprised.

I’m watching this batch of officials closely. I want to see only good things. However after the past two years I know enough to expect the worst.

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(Trump and Co.) do not go quietly into the good night

I refused to post this on the day that I congratulated the Democratic winners, because I don’t want to dance to Trumps tune and draw attention away from them. Which the news of Jeff Sessions resignation? firing? inevitable ending? did.

I’m not the biggest fan of Sessions. I think he is Satan’s personal Keebler elf. I hesitate to call anyone the Anti-Christ, but anyone who uses the Bible to justify human rights violations and child separation policies is definitely in the running.

Representative Waters was right when she called him a dangerous racist.

He ended the program that investigated police brutality.  He created the title “Black Identify Extremists” while failing to look at the plethora of white supremacist terrorists. He tried to revive the war on drugs, which disproportionally impacted people of color. Sessions oversaw the creation of a religious freedom task force (any guesses which religions freedom it was interested in?). He worked to erode LGBTQ rights. 

Jeff Sessions was (and is) a walking, talking, racist, bigoted, sexist skid mark on the fabric of America. The only thing that makes him different from the other skid marks is he had the moment of ethical clarity to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. His replacement likely won’t have such clarity.

Matthew Whittaker really should recuse himself as well. His CNN op-ed makes it very clear where he falls on the Mueller investigation–it’s gone on too long and gone too far. It hasn’t. Jared Kushner still hasn’t be indicted. The troika of tyranny isn’t in South or Central America. It’s here, and it continues apace.

We all knew that Trump was going to pull out some nonsense after a Democratic sweep. We all had some guesses what it would be. This forced resignation is his attempt to change the script, and an attempt to check the ability of the House to issue subpoenas.

Right now we need to keep our eyes on the prize: getting to the bottom of the corruption and Russia’s cancerous interference. Then we need to treat that cancer the only way we can: cut, burn, poison. Kill it at the root. Part of that prize is making sure that we have a full uninhibited investigation into the Trumps, and protecting the votes in 2020. After all it won’t matter if we have a strong liberal candidate if the vote numbers change.

Adjust to the impact of this change, adapt your plans, and keep on fighting the good fight.

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Blue Wave! Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of the Democrats who won the election! You guys are amazing!

Thank you to all the volunteers who made those wins possible, thank you to the bakers of casseroles, the tech people, the canvassers, the callers, the post card writers, the organizers. You are the drops of water that make the Blue Wave possible!

To the Democrats with races too close to call, or go to run offs. Keep fighting! We stand with you! When you go to the mat again, we’ll be there right behind you.

To the Democrat women who demonstrated remarkable courage and dedication,  but lost. I see you. Senator Heitkamp your decision to stand with Dr. Blasey Ford was a moment of great political courage, and I (and others) appreciate it.

In particular from my state I want to congratulate new House Representatives Haaland and Small. Haaland is one of the first native women to be elected to Congress and I couldn’t be more proud that my district chose her to be our voice. I also want to congratulate Governor Elect Lujan Grisham. You were an excellent representative and you will be an amazing governor. Make us proud ladies!



Justice and the Demokratia

I’ll own the fact that I’m not the most conventional Hellenic pagan. Before I left a local group, there was an argument that culminated in another member screaming “YOU ARE A HERETIC”. I forget now what the argument was about, but I feel like how I rearranged the Hellenic calendar had something to do with it. For example, I don’t celebrate the Demokratia in September. I celebrate it in November when the American elections are.

I’ve started drawing a tarot card a day, and at the time I’m writing this the card I drew was Justice. I really like the Herbal deck that I use, this card really illustrates why. Unlike the popular Thoth deck, Justice isn’t blind. She stares clearly at the querent. And unlike the Rider Waite deck, this Justice has set aside her sword in favor of a crystal. Perhaps this is the Justice America needs. Too long we’ve had a justice system blind to biases and power differentials (Serial has an excellent season about a year inside the courthouse). Too long we’ve had “justice” that looks to punish, without thinking about reparations or restitution. Justice should be fair, and look to correct wrongs. Not make them worse.

On the Euphorion of Chalcis is a fragment that reads, “In the marketplace let him set Themis, requite of good deeds: and beside her, Dike, who leaps up like a tiger in anger at the deeds of men upon whom she looks-even them who provoke the gods and turn the divine laws aside and such as treat their feeble parents with arrogance, scorning the counsel of the living and the dead, or sin against the hospitable feast and the Table of Zeus.”

I can think of a lot of people who sin against the table of Zeus and the hospitable feast.

I can think of a lot of people who scorn the counsel of the living and the history of the dead.

I can think of a lot of people who treat(ed) their feeble parents with arrogance.

I can think of a lot of people who turn the divine laws aside. Remember, for this administration, malice is the agenda.

I can also think of the American people who provoked the gods, and how that has consequences.

Mythology is full of warning stories about people who disrespect the gods gifts. Aphrodite and Hippomenes. Athene and the Daughters of Kekrops. The Trojan War was set in motion by Menelaus refusing to give the promised 100 head of cattle to Aphrodite after he married Helen. Democracy was a gift to humanity from Themis and Athene. And in America, we’ve neglected the gift. So few people voted, and of the people who did vote some threw away their votes on protests. Our election system is so easily hackable, as Russia demonstrated. Authoritarian Trump is the reward we deserve, and he is just the beginning. The damage Trump has done is long lasting, and toxic. But maybe, just maybe, if we take action now we can mitigate it.

So vote. Rock the Vote. Let the Vote Save America. And don’t just vote, take your neighbor, your friends, your family to vote. This isn’t something you can phone in. Otherwise we deserve everything that Athene and Themis give us.