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Transgender Day of Rememberance

Today is Transgender Day of Rememberance. These are only the reported deaths, the number is likely much higher. In this administration, where malice is the only agenda, our trans brothers and sisters are suffering. On this day of rememberance, consider supporting them by supporting trans resources. And if someone says some bull shit over turkey this year, you push back. 3 of these deaths were in New Mexico and that’s unacceptable.

Selena Fox and Nature Folk are hosting a special live podcast to commemorate.

Say their names.

May they go in peace, and return in beauty and strength.

14 Sep 2018
Nikki Janelle Enriquez
Laredo, Texas

8 Sep 2018
Londonn Moore Kinard
Port Charlotte, Florida

5 Sep 2018
Shantee Tucker
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

30 Aug 2018
Dejanay Stanton
Chicago, Illinois

30 Aug 2018
Vontashia Bell
Shreveport, Louisiana

23 Aug 2018
Jamel Pierce
Denver, Colorado

Aug 2018
Casey Hoke
Pomona, California

19 Jul 2018
Sasha Garden
Orlando, Florida
not reported

2 Jul 2018
Daine Grey
San Francisco, California

27 Jun 2018
Dr Laura Mas
San Diego, California

24 Jun 2018
Cathalina Christina James
Jacksonville, Florida

24 Jun 2018
Keisha Wells
Cleveland, Ohio

19 Jun 2018
Chloe Sagal
Portland, Oregon

18 Jun 2018
Diamond Stephens
Meridian, Mississippi

1 Jun 2018
Antash’a English
Jacksonville, Florida

21 May 2018
Gigi Pierce
Portland, Oregon

13 May 2018
Nino Fortson
Atlanta, Georgia

13 May 2018
Roxana Hernández
Milan, New Mexico
died in custody

12 May 201
Name Unknown
Dallas, Texas
not reported

9 May 2018
Karla Patricia Flores-Pavon
Dallas, Texas

28 Apr 2018
Columbia, South Carolina

1 Apr 2018
Sasha Wall
Chesterfield County, South Carolina

31 Mar 2018
Chance Houle
Bismark, North Dakota

26 Mar 2018
Amia Tyrae Berryman
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

6 Mar 2018
Hope Verbeeck
Tampa, Florida

4 Feb 2018
Celine Walker
Jacksonville, Florida

10 Jan 2018
Viccky Gutierrez
Los Angeles, California

5 Jan 2018
Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien
North Adams, Massachusetts
beaten and stabbed

16 Dec 2017
Rhiannon Layendecker
Englewood, Florida

13 Dec 2017
Brandi Seals
Houston, Texas

27 Nov 2017
Brooklyn BreYanna Stevenson
Oklahoma City

Nov 2017
Natalie Nguyen
Seattle, Washington

28 Oct 2017
Candace Towns
Macon, Georgia

21 Oct 2017
Stephanie Montez
Corpus Christi, Texas

*Reporting period October 1, 2017-September 30, 2018. Transgender Day of Rememberance


Justice and the Demokratia

I’ll own the fact that I’m not the most conventional Hellenic pagan. Before I left a local group, there was an argument that culminated in another member screaming “YOU ARE A HERETIC”. I forget now what the argument was about, but I feel like how I rearranged the Hellenic calendar had something to do with it. For example, I don’t celebrate the Demokratia in September. I celebrate it in November when the American elections are.

I’ve started drawing a tarot card a day, and at the time I’m writing this the card I drew was Justice. I really like the Herbal deck that I use, this card really illustrates why. Unlike the popular Thoth deck, Justice isn’t blind. She stares clearly at the querent. And unlike the Rider Waite deck, this Justice has set aside her sword in favor of a crystal. Perhaps this is the Justice America needs. Too long we’ve had a justice system blind to biases and power differentials (Serial has an excellent season about a year inside the courthouse). Too long we’ve had “justice” that looks to punish, without thinking about reparations or restitution. Justice should be fair, and look to correct wrongs. Not make them worse.

On the Euphorion of Chalcis is a fragment that reads, “In the marketplace let him set Themis, requite of good deeds: and beside her, Dike, who leaps up like a tiger in anger at the deeds of men upon whom she looks-even them who provoke the gods and turn the divine laws aside and such as treat their feeble parents with arrogance, scorning the counsel of the living and the dead, or sin against the hospitable feast and the Table of Zeus.”

I can think of a lot of people who sin against the table of Zeus and the hospitable feast.

I can think of a lot of people who scorn the counsel of the living and the history of the dead.

I can think of a lot of people who treat(ed) their feeble parents with arrogance.

I can think of a lot of people who turn the divine laws aside. Remember, for this administration, malice is the agenda.

I can also think of the American people who provoked the gods, and how that has consequences.

Mythology is full of warning stories about people who disrespect the gods gifts. Aphrodite and Hippomenes. Athene and the Daughters of Kekrops. The Trojan War was set in motion by Menelaus refusing to give the promised 100 head of cattle to Aphrodite after he married Helen. Democracy was a gift to humanity from Themis and Athene. And in America, we’ve neglected the gift. So few people voted, and of the people who did vote some threw away their votes on protests. Our election system is so easily hackable, as Russia demonstrated. Authoritarian Trump is the reward we deserve, and he is just the beginning. The damage Trump has done is long lasting, and toxic. But maybe, just maybe, if we take action now we can mitigate it.

So vote. Rock the Vote. Let the Vote Save America. And don’t just vote, take your neighbor, your friends, your family to vote. This isn’t something you can phone in. Otherwise we deserve everything that Athene and Themis give us.