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How does the Pagan vote?

Currently, I’m working overseas (puts to follow in 2 weeks and I’m dying of anticipation) and I’m writing posts for now on my phone because my laptop is being frizty. That said, I’ve been harping on social media and on here about how to vote.

So, how does a Pagan living an ocean away from the United States vote? By absentee ballot.

Before I left, I made a plan to vote by absentee ballot. And when I got it, I filled it out at my cramped messy desk, before putting it right back in the mail.

This election is too important to not vote. There are concerns raised by Melissa McEwan, and Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendezior about the elections safety. They’re right, and I believe them. That said, just because it doesn’t look safe or secure doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

With the recent attempts to erase non-cis people, as well as conflating desperate refugees with an “army”, we need to remember that we’re SUPPOSED to stand for the tired, hungry masses yearning to breathe free. And standing for them means voting blue.